Are you trying to refurnish and give a new start to your workplace? Fret not because Materials Inc. is here. We have supplied countless offices and modern workplaces for many years, leading to many satisfied customers. We sell architectural products like doors, flooring and veneers of a range of different materials at wholesale prices. Our products are known for their exceptional quality and impressive aesthetics.

Workplace Interior Design & Architectural Products

Studies have shown that the levels of productivity in your workplace are very dependent on the mood of your employees. Chances are that if your workers are happy and satisfied, they would be more willing to display citizenship behavior and do their best for your company. However, if they feel stressed and unhappy all the time, the quality of work that they give to your brand might end up being slipshod and careless. Interior design and the furnishing of the workplace has profound effects on employees. It has the power to create either a positive or negative atmosphere and can evoke different moods in them.

At a glance, here's what Materials Inc. offers for our clients in workplaces:

  • Decorative Surfaces
  • Flooring
  • Metal Architectural Products
  • Wooden Architectural Products
  • Veneers

Product Spotlights

Below are popular products utilized by clients in workplaces:

Hydra Moss Wall System: Our moss wall collection is becoming increasingly popular in recent times especially for the workplace setting. Research has shown that employees actually work better when there are nature features or some sort of natural element in the office. Our moss wall systems are beautiful and bring a shocking burst of color and life to any setting.

Listello Wood Planks: This range works well for many workplaces because it has the elements of natural wood. It has an interesting texture, subtle shading and impressive graining. Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain, adding to the organic and modern feel in any workplace it is in.

Pelle Porcelain Tile Collection: This collection is cut with waterjets and has an extremely stylish and trendy appeal. It is a delight to the eye in any setting and can be used for accent walls or floors. These designs create a grand ambience that makes it conducive to work in.

Get High Quality Architectural Products for Workplaces

Founded in 2000, Materials Inc. is recognized as a reputable distributor of interior design finishing and highly specialized architectural products. We have become an increasingly renowned brand in the interior design and architectural industries because we place great emphasis on the quality of our products.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team of professionals in our wonderful sales team and customer service department who are focused on creating a customer-centric experience for all our clients. They work tirelessly to ensure that you will be guided every step of the way. We also want to create sustainable relationships with all our clients and customers so that we can serve you for years to come. Therefore, we only offer the most affordable prices because we care about giving you the best value for money.

If you have any questions about our interior design and architectural products for workplaces, contact us today. Don't hesitate to call Materials Inc. at 201.968.0101 or email us at