If you own a retail store, you might be wondering how you can make use of interior design to get more customers to buy your products. In retail, store layout and retail design are important components of attracting customers to enter the store, browse the products, pick up something, and make their purchase. Every way of the journey through the retail store plays a part in this process. In this article, we will discuss some retail interior design tips to get people buying your products. Read on as we take you through the basic store layout.

Retail Interior Design Tips To Get People Buying Your Products

The Threshold Area

The threshold area of a retail store is the first space that customers situate themselves in when they enter the store. This is the space where customer first make the transition from outside to inside the store. While being in the threshold area, customers are making critical judgements about the retail store, such as the price range of products, product quality, and the aesthetics of the store. As the customers are in a transition phase, they will be less likely to notice any merchandise, signs, and carts that are placed in the threshold area.

Turn Right

Do you know that most 9 out of 10 customers will turn right first when enter a retail store? To present a great first impression to the customers, it is recommended that retailers place a power wall at the right side of the store. The power wall will create a high-impact impression for any merchandise that you choose to showcase. As such, make sure to carefully choose the products to be displayed on the power wall. You can display best-selling products, new or seasonal products, or products that can tell a story about the retail store.

Make a Clear Path

Making a clear path for your customers to walk through the store can create a refreshing and intended retail experience for them. Not only does a clear path help the store to gain maximum exposure to the products, it can also control foot traffic. This helps to guide customers towards the checkout area and encourage them to make a purchase.

Create Space

Everyone enjoys personal space when shopping. If the path is too small for multiple people to pass through, customers will be less inclined to stop and look at products for fear of blocking the way. Make sure to create ample space in the store.

Checkout Counter

The checkout counter should be positioned at a natural stopping point in a well-designed retail experience. It is a good place to display small items that can trigger impulse purchases, such as snacks, seasonal items, and promotions.

Using Materials from Materials Inc.

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