The impression that a customer gets when they first step into a retail store is the most crucial. If the retail store does not impress or attract them enough, customers will likely not want to venture deeper or even stay any longer in the store. Every detail in the store is important – from the presentation of merchandise, to the store layout, to the overall environment. While hiring an interior designer to manage a store layout will ensure that it is outstanding, this may not be within the budget. If you are setting up your retail store, here are some retail layout tips to help you design an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.


Choose a Layout that Guides Customers

A retail store’s layout determines the route that customers take to go through the store. Instead of putting up racks without a clear strategy, choose a layout that guides customers through the store. In this way, you get to decide which merchandise the customers will see first and plan displays such as promotional signs accordingly.

When thinking of retail stores that excel in layouts, IKEA comes to mind. With clear paths to direct the flow of traffic, customers have a unique shopping experience that is carefully planned by IKEA. This helps IKEA to analyze where customers stay for the longest and identify ideal locations to place popular products, impulse buys, and promotional displays. While most retail stores are not as big as IKEA outlets such that they can plan routes in such great detail, taking inspiration from the Swedish furniture giant could help you in planning an ideal retail layout. In this way, you are also able to plan enough room for customers and staff to pass through without being too crammed.

Turn Right

Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 customers will turn right upon entering a store. Make use of this common customer behavior to promote merchandise that you want to highlight. Examples would be premium products, products that are on sale, new products, or seasonal products. Draw attention to these products by making them eye-catching to attract customers deeper into the retail store.

Engage Other Senses

Visual attraction is not the only area you should focus on in a retail store. Engage the other senses of customers to create a truly unforgettable shopping experience. For example, if the retail store sells natural products, stick to a nature theme. Consider using fresh moss walls for a faint earthy scent and playing soft music with some sounds of nature in the background. For an engaging experience, have displays that allow customers to touch and feel the products.

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