We are aware that humans are visual beings. 80% of sensory information received by the brain is delivered from the eyes. This means that something visually stimulating is bound to catch someone’s attention. This is where retail design becomes applicable. If you are a business owner with a physical store, it is essential to organize your merchandise in a thoughtful manner to maximize the retail space. This is one of the many retail store design best practices which we will be covering more on through the article below.

Augmented reality marketing concept.
An Immersive Experience

Great retail design does not solely rely on a thoughtfully organized display or appealing visual merchandising, it is about the experience that is created through the use of various elements found in your store. Think about the bigger picture – What is the type of experience that you would like to create for your shoppers? What feelings do you want to evoke? Consider these questions to create a strong impression on customers.

Flow of Traffic

You want shoppers to view the most attractive merchandise on display first. Hence, you need to first find out where they will head to upon stepping inside your store. You can separate your space using partitions to create a virtual traffic flow which shoppers will subconsciously follow. This way, you will steer your shoppers directly to where you want them to be.

Decompression Zone

This zone is situated near the entrance of your store where shoppers have a high tendency to avoid as they are still adjusting to the new environment. Place only attractive deals within this zone which will attract specific buyers.

Speed Bumps

Having the same layout throughout the entire store may result in shoppers not noticing your merchandise. This can be prevented by adding speed bumps or better known as different sections that are marked in a contrasting way. You can opt for shelves or large displays or experiment with different flooring types.

Focal Point

It is preferable to have a single focal point instead of simply showcasing anything and everything that you have in stock. A single focal point is more effective in drawing the attention of shoppers as it is much easier to direct them to one particular section.


Never overstuff any particular area to prevent shoppers from brushing against one another while browsing through your merchandise. Instead, place items at a certain length apart to provide more space for movement that will prevent shoppers from moving away and not making a purchase.

Using Signs

Signs are important to provide details but they also act as a very important piece of marketing tool. They attract people’s attention so you have to use them wisely toward your advantage. Instead of simply using signs to educate, remember to use them to promote your merchandise too.

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