Owning an inspiring kitchen can’t be possible without the usage of kitchen cabinets. Fixing cabinets in your kitchen is useful for functionality and aesthetics. Without the cabinets, you wouldn’t have partitioned spaces to place different utensils. And without them, you may not have enough furniture to incorporate into a wholesome design scheme.


Therefore, getting cabinets in your kitchen is a no-brainer. And that brings us to the material to use for the cabinets. You have the choice of solid wood or wood veneer. Picking either blindly is possible but not a great option. It would be best if you considered the entirety of both before making your decision. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of both materials, guiding you in your decision.

Pros and Cons of Using Wood Veneer

Wood veneer has become a popular design material in recent times because it looks like wood but doesn’t retain all wood properties. With the wood veneer just being a thin slice of wood, it’s easy to get a variety of it. There is also an endless collection of wood veneer designs, allowing you to pick from unique prints. Besides the aesthetics, wood veneer is a durable material as it’s not subject to the shrinking and expanding of wood.

Contrastingly, wood veneer can get damaged after a long period of exposure to water. Therefore, you should ensure you wipe the water off it quickly. Another seeming demerit of wood veneer is that it requires installation by skilled workers because they are the only ones that can apply a perfect finish. They can’t also be repaired like solid wood, but they don’t cost as much to get in the first place.

Pros and Cons of Using Solid Wood

Solid wood also has a reputation for being resilient despite the shrinkage and expansion it will experience. If you use it for your cabinets, you will also benefit from being able to paint when you like. Since it’s wood, you can customize the cabinet in any style you want. You can even cut it how you like for better integration into your design style.

On the other hand, your solid wood cabinet may be in danger from water damage. Wood absorbs water from the surroundings and will swell when there’s a lot of water. Also, if you don’t fumigate your house, you may experience a termite problem in your solid wood cabinets. Furthermore, since wood is scarce, it costs more than getting wood veneer.

Which One Should You Use?

Now that you have the pros and cons of both materials, you can easily decide. If you want affordability above all, you can go for wood veneer. But, if you want to be able to repair your cabinets yourself and still re-sell for a good value in the future, you can pick solid wood.

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