With applications ranging from greenhouse panels to furniture, for home use, acrylic plastic is becoming exceedingly popular. This is particularly true for clear acrylic sheets which are similar to glass. The upside is that the acrylic sheets are 17 times more durable and only half the weight of glass sheets. Acrylic plastic is the most popular type of clear acrylic. However, the thermoplastic polymer can be purchased in a number of tints, hues, and colors, making it perfect for decorative applications.

Six Creative Ways To Use Acrylic Sheets At Home

Here, we’re going to include some creative ways to use acrylic sheets at home. For do-it-yourself homeowners, one of the most ideal materials is acrylic. Compared to similar materials, acrylic sheets are inexpensive and can be refined, glued, ground, and safely cut using consumer-grade products found in your workshop.

Picture Frames

Got rambunctious children or mischievous pets that keep knocking down your picture frames and breaking them? Frame-grade acrylic sheets are specially designed to resolve this issue. Under regular household conditions, they will not break and have exceptional optical clarity.

Cabinet Windows And Doors

If the glass on your cabinet doors has broken even once, stop it from happening again by replacing the glass with acrylic. If rowdy tenants keep breaking the window glass and you’re a property manager, prevent repetitive repairs with acrylic sheets.

The Backsplash in Your Kitchen

An acrylic backsplash can save you hours of scrubbing and help make your kitchen look more modern and updated. It’s extremely low maintenance compared to tiles and grout – and acrylics are easily cleaned.

Protective Coverings And Furniture

Today, acrylic plastic is being used to create modern, sleek furniture. It can replace the glass tabletop which, compared to acrylic, is fragile and expensive. Daring, artistic furniture can even be created with colored acrylic sheets.

To cover existing tabletops, acrylic sheets can be used. For your unfinished wood furniture or expensive pieces, acrylic sheets can protect them against general wear and tear, the elements, stains, and pet damage.

Cold Frames And Greenhouses

Consider constructing a do-it-yourself greenhouse if you have a green thumb. In a short amount of time, you could build yourself a basic backyard greenhouse. If it sounds too complicated or you’re worried about space, you might consider an alternative.

With acrylic clear sheets joined to plywood you can create a knee-high, small cold frame. In a moderately sized enclosure, you can protect your important plants in a case that conveniently opens at the top. With similar materials, you can actually still make a walk-in-sized greenhouse if you’re a passionate and crafty gardener.

Window Panes 

Is your home or property in an area near a baseball field, golf course, or other similar areas? Do you constantly worry about your windows being broken by flying projectiles? Depending on your home’s age and more, when it comes to these types of causes for broken windows, you could be solely liable. Over time, that’s going to cost a pretty penny.

Rather than glass window panes, consider clear acrylic sheets. Along with your other glass panes, they can seamlessly blend in. (You only need to install them on the side of your home that faces the threat.)

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