Including metal fixtures in your interior design can help your space look sleek, classy, and keep things interesting. However, they can be scary to work with for most people as there is this constant fear that it comes off overly clinical or industrial looking. For our interior design team here at Materials Inc, we believe that adding curated metallic elements is a thing of beauty.

The Art Of Metal Mixing In Modern Interior Design

If you are on board but unsure of where to start, our team of experts have compiled a simple guide to making it work – just like a pro! Whenever you are ready to revamp your space, read on to find out more about how metal mixing can be a design staple.

Decide On A Dominant Metal

Choosing the metals that you want to incorporate into your space is actually a lot like choosing a color scheme – the main difference is that the finish for metals is different. While every metal that you play will have a decorative impact on the overall look of your space, it will help to choose one type of metal to help you narrow down your options. In other words, one metal can be the dominant type and all others will play an accent role as pops of visual interest around your space.

Match The Different Finishes In Your Space

By ‘finish’, we are referring to the surface appearance of your metal. The three common options are a smooth and shiny polished finish a brushed or satin finish that is darker and more subdued, and an oiled finish that can make the fixture look like an antique.

By having this shared trait, it will better help you to successfully mix different metals and still create a unified look in your space.

Include Elements That Can Help Coordinate

This is a tip that is easily overlooked but it truly works for many forms of design. If you are certain that you wish to include different metals that are not of the same color or finish, the best way to introduce them into a room is to have an additional design element to marry them. This doesn’t have to be a drastic move like buying a new cabinet or repainting your entire house, in fact, it can be achieved by just choosing some simple décor pieces or wall art.

Get The Best Interior Design Recommendations With Materials Inc

At the end of the day, renovating and decorating your space can be an overwhelming experience. One of the best solutions to getting the space of your dreams is to work with an established interior design firm that can help you source for the best materials within your budget.

At Materials Inc, we have over two decades of experience helping property owners with both residential interior design and workplace interior design, we are confident of not only metal mixing but also helping you achieve a cohesive space that matches the theme you have in mind. For more information on how our dedicated and talented team can help you, contact us today.

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