The idea of “shelter” has been found throughout history. We all need shelter as a form of protection from the natural elements found around us. How we experience and interpret space is affected by the architecture around us. The power of architecture cannot be underestimated. Even more so, our homes greatly affect the way we feel. We have to design our living spaces well so that we live our best lives. Read on to find out about the health benefits of having a well-designed home.

The Health Benefits Of A Well-Designed Home

What Is a Salutogenic Design?

A Salutogenic design is known as the wellness design. It is a design that is focused on improving human well-being and health in the constructed environment. This design looks at how the home will affect the people living in it and strives to create a healthy environment. It is the intersection of architecture, psychology, and neuroscience. Research has shown the positive effects that design can have on people’s physical and mental health.

How Can We Create This Design?

It has been established that it is healthy for people to enjoy time outdoors. However, our environment is designed in a way to keep us all inside. Jobs, lifestyles, and our cultures are made around staying indoors. How can we create ways that we may benefit from being in nature even while we are in our homes?

One of the popular ways of salutogenic design is to make use of biophilic design. This is based on our innate connection to nature. Biophilic design can create a feeling of being in nature through using living plants or natural materials. There are many other elements and methods that can be used as well.

Visual representations like biomorphic patterns and landscape murals are also effective ways to add biophilic design to your surroundings. Incorporating non-regular sensory stimulants, such as dynamic and diffuse lighting which resembles sunlight, can help as well. You can even include sounds of nature, like soft chirping and the sound of babbling brooks. These can positively affect your well-being.

By including salutogenic design strategies, whether through using natural materials or patterns found in the natural world, you can take steps to improve your health and well-being by having a well-designed home. 

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