Retailers are well aware that bringing visitors into their stores is no longer as simple as it once was. Retailers are seeking new tactics to bring consumers through the gates as online retail thrives and social media becomes one of the most significant marketing platforms.


With growing store rivalry, details are more important than ever. Your shop’s décor may steer your firm in one of two directions: toward or away from increased profitability. Let’s look at some of the factors that help merchants become more profitable, as well as how green walls may be used as an effective highlight piece in retail shops.

Trendy and Comfortable Ambience

With the convenience of internet purchasing at their fingertips, buyers aren’t spending as much time in retail establishments as they once did. When they do, they are looking for an experience nearly as much as they are looking for the things they eventually buy.

People will flock to your business merely to soak up the environment if you establish a hip and friendly setting. Green walls are the epitome of “cool and comfy.” Indoor plants, which have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase creativity, make your visitors feel comfortable, creative and inspired all at the same time, and this is a perfect setting to create while asking consumers to part with their hard-earned money.

Shopper Behavior

According to market studies, individuals spend more money in stores where shoppers read and meander rather than racing around the store shopping for one item before departing. It is critical to establish “speed bumps” to encourage customers to slow down and spend more time in your store. Some stores use four-way gondolas or slat boards to redirect traffic. Others make use of distinctive signs.

A Peaceful Transition

When customers enter your store, they are transitioning from the outer world to your environment. How does your living area make you feel? More significantly, how do your consumers feel when they walk inside your establishment?

A gorgeous plant wall creates a serene atmosphere in a room. This is especially crucial at specific seasons of the year. One research, for example, discovered that when people go Christmas shopping, their heart rates rise by 33%. This is comparable to the heart rate rises observed by marathon runners! Tired and stressed-out customers want a tranquil setting where they may catch their breath and rest. If you provide this for them, they will appreciate the experience of merely being in your business.

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