In the recent past and even today, if your home had or has a gaming room, it’s one of the coolest houses on the block. Whether it’s with an awesome movie collection, a foosball table, a pool table, or some of today’s incredible video games, some of the best memories can be made in a game room. Aside from furniture, however, what’s a key component in a comfortable but attractive game room? Answer: The flooring. The selections are very nearly limitless when it comes to flooring options for your gaming room. Let’s run through a handful of them.

Three Flooring Options For Your Gaming Room


Two good options for your game room flooring include long-lasting laminate or luxury vinyl. These are flooring selections that will withstand general foot traffic and the wear and tear that comes along with what could prove to be the busiest room in the house. Easily cleaned and maintained, these options are also perfect for a space that hosts festive meals and other get-togethers.


Another great choice for your game room floor is hardwood flooring. Perhaps you’re creating a rec room/family room with a pool table or a grown-up room with vintage signs and a wet bar. Either way, elegant hardwood floors are easy to clean and are capable of contributing greatly to an awesome place to hang out and enjoy memories, or just relax.


For a rec room or game room, carpet is a great fit. It is always welcoming and cozy – no matter the time of year. For people of all ages, it’s a great choice for rooms where both young and old congregate. Do you like walking around in socks or bare feet? Carpet is a perfect choice.

In today’s market, there are stain-proof, durable options of all colors and patterns. If entertaining, drinking and eating will be taking place in your game room, stain resistance is going to be of the utmost importance.

The Versatility of Today’s Game Rooms

Gaming rooms give video/computer gamers a place to fulfill their wildest fantasies online, playing characters that stretch the imagination. But today’s game rooms play an important part in households for any number of reasons, in addition to video games. Here are some themes or suggestions for designing/using your game room:

  • Home theater
  • Pool room (foosball, ping-pong, etc.)
  • Old-school arcade (you may be able to find some discounted pinball machines and other old arcade games)
  • Sports room with several televisions to watch games simultaneously

Themes or decorating ideas:

  • Go crazy with a cartoon theme
  • Incorporate wild colors and lights
  • Use game tables as furniture
  • Convert a garage to a game room with the garage door having clear panels that let in as much natural light as possible
  • Kids’ playroom 
  • Multipurpose room (a pool table that converts to a dining table is just one suggestion)
  • Card room (play craps, blackjack, poker, or other casino-oriented tabletop games)

Looking for Decorative Flooring for Your Gaming Room?

A wholesale distributor of high-quality wood veneers, Materials Inc. also sells doors, floors, decorative panels, and wood surfaces. We have the perfect material with which to create an attractive but durable floor in your home’s new gaming room. 

Perhaps, rather than creating a gaming room in your home, you’re looking to dress up a business. Whether you own an office building, multifamily rental unit, nightclub, hospitality business, restaurant, retail location, spa/salon, healthcare facility, bar, provide a space for trade shows, etc., we have the materials you need for improving your decor, upgrades, replacing old, existing materials, and more.

Got questions? Please contact us to speak to a sales rep.

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