If you know anything about fashion or follow the various styles that come and go, you’ve likely noticed that older styles and ideas from the past tend to recycle. The same can be said for interior decor. On interior walls and floors, wood paneling is making a distinct comeback. Unfortunately, wood can be particularly difficult to maintain and, in some cases, install. 

Three Tips For A Natural Wood Look In Your Home

If you would like to create a natural wood look in your home, without the use of wood, what can you do?

Here, we have included several suggestions for those who want a wood-like interior, but don’t particularly want to go with natural wood. Keep in mind that if sustainability is your concern – and that’s why you don’t want to “waste” wood – there are recycled/reclaimed wood products you can use in good conscience.


Wallpaper in numerous colors and styles can be used to achieve a natural wood look. They can mimic almost any imaginable type of wood. Here are some ideas:

  • Firewood wallpaper – This can help you achieve a real outdoorsy look. Firewood wallpaper can help you create an aura of a cabin tucked away in the woods. Especially if used near a fireplace, these prints make for a warm, cozy feel. Couple this look with pillows, couch throws, and warm-colored rugs to complete the look.
  • Beadboard wallpaper – Typically lightly colored, this wallpaper utilizes clean lines. Decorators and homeowners frequently use bead board wallpaper for bathrooms, built-in shelving, and bookcases. This look produces an organized feel overall with an appearance reminiscent of a cottage style. If you’re going for a coastal style, driftwood, stressed wood, and beadboard wallpaper work best.

You may also want to consider wood veneer wall covering. It’s not exactly wood but not exactly a wood look-alike, either. It’s the best of both worlds. Here, attached to a paper backing are micro-thin slices of wood. To create eye-catching patterns, go with hand-inlaid pieces. Or you may choose to keep it simple with a natural grain pattern.


Today, thanks in part to technology, floors can be made to look like wood while containing no wood products whatsoever. The following are materials that can be used to give the floors in your home a wood-like appearance:

  • Luxury vinyl planks
  • Tiles (porcelain and ceramic tiles can be made to look just like wood)
  • Concrete treatment
  • Laminate

Other Wallcoverings

To create a natural wood look on the walls of your home, there are a number of materials and options from which to choose. 

Faux wood panels come in numerous colors, textures, and styles. Some are easy peel and stick planks and panels, while others are best installed by accomplished do-it-yourselfers or contractors.

Using Natural Wood

Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to creating an environment that incorporates real wood as opposed to wood look-alikes. There are numerous affordable wood products that can be used to decorate and highlight the interior of your home.

  • Interlocking reclaimed wood planks
  • Textured interlocking wood planks
  • Embossed wood panels
  • Milled wood sheets
  • Three-dimensional solid wood tiles
  • Silk-screened birch wood panels
  • Reclaimed wood panels

Note: For a natural look, and to bring the out-of-doors inside, consider a moss wall system.

Looking for Decorative Wood Materials for Your Home?

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