When it comes to the appeal of your hotel, one of the most central aspects is interior design. When taking this into consideration, the aesthetic aspect of interior design is most often the focus of hotel developers. Unfortunately, just as important, functionality frequently gets left out. Not only pleasing to the eye, but innovative, smart interior designs for hotel interiors also help provide a great experience for guests. Additionally, to drive up your bottom line and profitability, they can help improve operations efficiency in your hotel.

Three Ways To Embrace Smart Interior Design For Hotel Operation Improvement

In both the back of the house and the front of the house, innovative design solutions can be found in today’s exemplary hotels. In both physical spaces and objects (think furniture), you will encounter smart design. But it can also show up in intangibles (think light fixtures) and staff equipment. Augment the profitability of your hotel by improving operations. To do this, influence an infinite number of details through the power you have as a manager, developer, and/or hotel owner. Here’s how to embrace your power.

Go Beyond Aesthetics

By using a design that goes beyond aesthetics, you can improve the experience of your guests. 

Yes, it’s imperative that your hotel incorporate a pleasing aesthetic interior design. But going far beyond what the eyes see, there are numerous factors that can also contribute to the guest experience. 

For example: 

  • Seating comfort. Chairs must be both comfortable and beautiful. 
  • Tabletops. They must provide a good grip for the client, be ergonomic, and be long-lasting.
  • Use science to achieve good lighting in your hotel. See what kind of magic can be worked by a professional lighting designer – for both night and day scenes.

Staff Satisfaction

A primary goal in your procurement and design strategy, staff satisfaction must be considered.

By nature, hospitality operations and working conditions are strenuous. So, anytime you can make life a little bit easier for your staff, it’s a good thing. Invest in equipment to assist in that pursuit. You will show your staff you care and can have a great impact, even with small design considerations.


  • Reduce service tray weight to make life a bit easier for your waiters. Go with a slick carbon tray rather than a traditional silver tray.
  • During the wet season, make the storage of terrace cushions easier by planning storage space in advance.
  • Make sure the design of the equipment your staff uses is purchased/manufactured with them in mind – not your guests.


In your design process, consider operational efficiency. In more areas of running operation than you might think, design functionality can be improved. However, early on during the planning phase, crucial aspects of functional design have to be thought out.


  • Consider the ease of cleaning. The more efficient your housekeeping department, the less time it takes for a housekeeper to get a room spotlessly clean. Pay attention to prevent hard water buildup. Use wall finishes that are easy to clean. Remember that it’s harder to clean porous surfaces.
  • Rather than using delicate fabrics for cushions, bed throws, curtains, etc., use washable but elegant fabrics. This will help cut back on cleaning costs as well as work hours.
  • Consider everything from the shape of loose and built-in furnishings to the choice of materials used.

Looking for Decorative Materials for Your Hotel Design?

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