Day spas are an awesome way to relax and get away from it all! There is, however, a downside – they are expensive. The cost, coupled with the fact that in order to be effective, you must carve out enough time in your busy week, and the attraction of a spa can lose its appeal. Imagine if, right in your own home, you could create a spa-inspired bathroom. Then every day could be a luxurious spa experience! You wouldn’t have to pay exorbitant fees or take hours out of your schedule. In the comfort of your own home, all the spa amenities could be at your fingertips.

Tips Creating Spa-Inspired-Bathroom

Well, what’s stopping you from creating your own spa at home? Here we are going to feature a number of tips to help you create the perfect spa experience in the comfort of your very own abode. Ready for a remodeling project?

Natural Textures and Deep Colors

Spas just naturally gravitate toward a grand, luxurious aesthetic, so allow yours the same freedom. Deep wood coloring, natural stone walls, and other unique, relaxing elements (think potted plants and candles) give a naturally serene feel to the room.

As far as colors go, muted and dark colors like gray stone or jewel tones works nicely. A more laid-back, soothing atmosphere can be achieved by a rich color scheme.

The Tub Gets Its Own Space

Your spa will feel less like a bathroom if, separate from the rest of the space, you can seclude the tub. A temporary divider or a literal wall can hide the tub from the rest of the room. For that special grand spa feeling, try a divider with an Asian/cultural vibe.

Consider A Jacuzzi

While not necessary, a Jacuzzi is always a welcome addition to any bathroom/spa setting. Add bubbling water, essential soaps and oils, and let the natural scents take you away. You may even be able to get a facial with all that steam! Just like in a real salon spa, consider relaxing with a facemask application or hair treatment.

Tap into Your Artistic Side

Your imagination is the only thing preventing you from creating the sumptuous spa of your dreams. So, don’t let it hold you back. Unusual fixtures go a long way toward making a regular bathroom look and feel like a spa. The more unique your decor, the better. Think natural stone floors and counters and raised leaf shaped bowls. Geometric mirrors may even find a place in your new “rest and refresh” area.

Flat Surfaces And Alcoves

For a more relaxing vibe, make good use of candles. Enjoy your candlelight and keep it safe by using an alcove. This keeps candles well clear of flammable shower curtains or dousing water.

Additionally, incense, such as a reed diffuser, should be kept away from the tub and shower curtain by setting it up in the alcove. Having special table space and shelves for diffusers and candles is a simple way to create an opulent spa atmosphere if you don’t want to do major remodeling.

Materials Inc. For Your Spa Remodeling Project

When you need the materials to remodel your bathroom into a lush spa, look no further than Materials, Inc. We’ve got what you need, from wallcovering to flooring and from metal forged porcelain tiles to moss wall systems.

With our products, your options are nearly unlimited! Contact us today.

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