Some people buy condominiums after they have lived out most of their life in larger homes. Then again, there are those who purchase condominiums as their very first home buying experience. Regardless of when you purchase, move into, and furnish your condominium, there can be a few tricks to make it look and feel bigger. Overall, condominium living is “usable space challenging”. Small condominium space design has to be done just so for your place to look and feel a little bigger than it actually is.

Tips for Small Condominium Space Design

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort just because you have a slight lack of space. Smaller homes offer undeniable benefits including the following:

  • Security
  • Shelter
  • Expediency 

Because condos offer limited space, we are going to list a number of decorating/furnishing suggestions below. To make the most of the space you have, remember these two things: be constructive and be mindful.

Lighting Suggestions

The appearance of your home is completed through lighting. Because it helps to portray the illusion of height, ideal types of lighting for smaller spaces are cove lights, pendant lights, or drop lights.

Colors and Patterns

Without including the right patterns and colors, a home can appear boring and dull. Use plain or neutral shades for color in your smaller abode. It will make your space look bigger. The illusion of height can be portrayed by vertical lines. To lighten your interior, bright, bold patterns can be useful.

Ideas for Decorating

Consider the mood you wish to achieve or how to complement your lifestyle. You don’t have to go big, lavish, and fancy. Stylish and cozy is the perfect setting for today’s condos. You won’t need to spend a lot to be creative. Keep it simple!

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

The right use of mirrors can make any home look larger. Have some fun with mirrors by seeking out unique shapes. Large mirrors can also be used to hide doors and other things.

Shelves and Cabinets

While decorating, it’s important to avoid clutter. For a clutter-free appearance, the solution is shelves and cabinets. Specifically, hanging shelves and built in cabinets. Above all else, conserve space.


Compared to floorspace, there is likely more wall space in your condo. So, use it! Rather than putting pictures, TVs, and more on top of tables, stands, etc., mount them on the wall whenever possible.

Imagination in the Bedroom

Hideaway beds are useful in condos to help save space. The use of Murphy beds and hideaway beds are particularly applicable if it’s a guest room.

Dining Rooms

In addition to the foldaway beds discussed above, fold away tables are one way of maximizing space. In a dining area, these tables come in very handy. Chairs can fold up as well if you choose to use them.

Everybody Loves the Kitchen

Somehow, this is where everyone congregates when you have people over. Make sure that it’s functional, particularly considering its size. Make the most of every space you can without encouraging clutter. You will find wall to wall, ceiling to floor, built-in cabinets to be of the utmost benefit.

Living Rooms

Here, using furniture that can be considered multifunctional is the key. To conserve space, consider a convertible sofa bed or one with a pop-up trundle.

The Grand Entrance

When an entryway barely has enough room for passage, people frequently ignore the importance of decorating. By dressing up your entryway, you have a more inviting home. A little bit of artwork or a mirror on the wall will work wonders. If you have enough space, a little table is a good place for a lamp, vase, or other decorative items.

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