For all of us, the pandemic is a challenging period. Even though the worst has passed, life will never be the same again. After the pandemic, we’ll have to get creative with how we construct our workplaces and develop new work conditions. In this article, we share with you ideas on transforming the workplace post-pandemic with biophilic design.


Introducing Biophilic Design

The concept biophilic design refers to the arrangement of living things in an interior environment. Biophilia is an emotional reaction to our environment in which we employ natural patterns, organic structures, and living objects to create a sense of connectedness with nature. People’s health and happiness have been proved to benefit from this design approach. The same concepts may be applied to workplaces to increase employee productivity and engagement.

This style of design is becoming more popular in the world of office planning, with many organizations claiming that it boosts productivity and morale.

Biophilic design entails designing for people as part of the natural environment, hence workplaces that adhere to this philosophy will frequently use natural materials such as wood and stone. Often, there are windows or other natural light sources that provide people with a feeling of location and well-being by connecting them to the outside world.

Installing Preserved Wall Gardens

The soothing and invigorating greens of luxuriant wall gardens are a joy to see and just what the biophilic design principles demand. Having a garden in the office has been shown to increase employee happiness and mental focus. Bonus points for improving the place’s aesthetic and interior decor. Wall gardens also improve air quality and minimize noise pollution. According to research, having plants in the workplace is quite desirable; in fact, it is one of the most desired and valued office components, second only to natural light.

Preserved wall gardens, unlike conventional plants, do not require any upkeep. They don’t need direct sunlight, soil, or an irrigation system, and they won’t be infested by insects.

Nature-Themed Furniture

Eco-friendly and nature-inspired office furniture has become essential. Biophilic workplace designs provide incalculable aesthetic and health advantages. Office furniture is sometimes overlooked, yet it may have a significant influence on your organization. Fantastic office furniture is just as much of a focal point as the individual sitting at the desk. A live edge table, for example, may transform a dull space into an appealing and stimulating work environment. When it comes to green design, it is essential to consider the advantages of natural materials and other ecologically friendly components.

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