When designing an interior space, sound quality is an important consideration. This is where acoustic panels come into play as they are strategically placed to improve sound quality in a room. When acoustic panels are installed in their optimal positions in a room, they can absorb or diffuse sound. Here are some types of acoustic panels that are commonly used in interior design.

Ceiling installation with acoustic panels With professional technicians
Timber Acoustic Panels

Timber acoustic panels are made of wood and have grooves in them. They are available in different types of finishing to suit the design of your room, such as laminates and veneers. The acoustic performance of the timber acoustic panel you choose will depend on the groove widths. You can easily find a variety of wooden milled panels to complement different interior design styles.

Plasterboard Acoustic Panels

Plasterboard acoustic panels are a popular choice to be used on the ceilings of high traffic areas. You can find them in places such as libraries, theaters, and auditoriums. Plasterboard acoustic panels have enhanced acoustic properties as they consist of round perforations that penetrate their full depth.

Metal Acoustic Panels

Metal acoustic panels are made of perforated metal skins that are enclosed within an acoustical absorptive material. The advantages of getting metal acoustic panels are that they are very sturdy and impressive in their sound absorbing abilities. They are especially suitable for places that require excellent sound absorption, durability, and pleasing aesthetics. You can usually find metal acoustic panels in places such as airports, gymnasiums, and concert halls.

Moss Acoustic Panels

Moss acoustic panels are, as the name suggests, made from real moss. They are a living product that requires no maintenance once they are installed as they absorb moisture and nutrients through the air. You do, however, need to keep them away from the sun and maintain the humidity level at 40 to 50%. Aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance, moss acoustic panels are highly effective at sound absorption. This makes them a popular choice in many modern corporate offices and shopping malls.

Acoustic Plasters

While acoustic plasters are not technically panels, they are one of the most commonly used acoustic materials. Acoustic plasters are plasters that contain fibers or aggregate that allow them to absorb sound. They are meant for rooms that have space constraints and require customization, such as for curved walls and ceilings. Acoustic plasters are a great choice because they can be applied seamlessly over large surfaces. While they usually come in white, you can always paint over them in colors that would suit the space you are designing.

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