Trying to design your own space can be really overwhelming, especially if you are starting with a completely blank slate. The best way for you to get out of a design rut is to look to the basic principles of interior design for some creative inspiration. Not only will you be able to learn more about yourself and your preferences, but you will also be able to better improve the arrangement and design elements that you choose to bring into your space.

Understanding Basics Elements Of Interior Design


The colors you choose to use in your room can dictate the attitude or energy that you are choosing to build in the space. While bright colors like yellow or red will be more invigorating and intense, blues, greens, and other neutral colors are more likely to be soothing and calming. On top of this, referring to a color wheel when choosing the colors in your room can also help you to create a more cohesive space, only drawing attention to focal points.


Form, sometimes also known as “shape”, refers to the contours of the items and objects that you choose to put in the room. This includes the room itself, furniture, sculpture, or even art pieces. Form will generally fall into two categories – organic forms which are irregular with abstract or curvy shapes and geometric forms which have sharper edges and cleaner lines like triangles and squares. Whichever type of form you prefer or how you choose to mix them will create different atmospheric attitudes in your space as well.


Good lighting is important for any space, whether it is man-made, natural, or a combination of both. What is considered good lighting will also depend on the space and purpose that you are using the room for. For example, a study should always have options for bright and direct lighting that aids in work productivity, but your bedroom would function better with dimmable lights that are warmer and softer.


Texture refers to how something feels and should not be confused with the pattern of an object. Highlighting this is important because interior design isn’t just about how everything looks, but also how the space will engage all your other senses as well.

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