One of the hardest things to do when you are renovating your home is choosing the right interior designs. With advancements in technology and higher accessibility to different trending materials, choices are almost limitless. However, this article will talk about some of the main interior designs that are famous today. Before you make your decision, always be sure to consider your needs, your design preferences, as well as your financial capabilities.

types of interior designs


Like the name suggests, traditional interior design takes root in traditional European interior design styles. This style typically sees classic European furnishing, wood paneling and moldings that are intricate and flamboyant, and general neutral colors that are accentuated by vibrant furniture. You would also find that beautiful and elaborate wood floor patterns are characteristic of traditional interior design.

Traditional interior designers are usually highly inspired by the 18th to 19th century style of European décor. This style is perfect for you if you favor a style that tells a story and has an extensive history behind it, such as expensive art or antique furniture. A large aspect of this style is the focus on symmetry. This means that there are usually two of everything. You would find that there is usually a space that converges on a focal point.


Contemporary interior design is not to get confused with modern design style. In fact, modern styles are mostly contemporary by nature. Typically, contemporary interior design keeps up with the latest trends and this can include using open spaces, an emphasis on natural light coming into the house, using high-quality wood and glass and even abstract layouts.

While the contemporary style deserves its own genre, it does not really fit into any specific design or style. This is because the emphasis is on keeping up with the trending styles. Contemporary designs focus a lot on creating as much space as possible. They are extremely stylish but not as intricate as other styles.


Having started in the 90’s, the industrial interior design style rose in popularity because many people started refurbishing their homes by turning warehouses and manufacturing facilities into homes. The style is very unique because it is raw and keeps the previous furnishing, such as the exposed pipes and brick feature walls.

The style is known for its use of the color gray and other rustic colors. There is also large emphasis on industrial metal and wood surfaces, in the form of exposed steel and wooden remnants, as well as concrete flooring. High ceilings and few furniture pieces are also characteristic of this style. This kind of interior design is usually described as “cold” but designers tend to use artwork to liven up the place and add a touch of color and warmth to the home. The closest thing that resembles this style of interior design is probably an urban loft or a place modelled afeter an industrial warehouse.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the interior design style that you choose, always remember that you are limited by your financial capabilities. If money is not an issue for you, go ahead and pick a style that is suitable for you and your loved ones.

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