Many hotels aim to strive the best in their hospitality design. However, what makes a hotel stand out from the rest?


That is when hotel designing, and décor comes into play. Customers are only interested in staying in a hotel if it has good style, luxury and is, most importantly, comfortable. Here are some “It” factors of what makes a hotel the best one in town.

Back to Basics with Colours

When it comes to designing a hotel, colours, patterns and textures are a huge part of showing the customers the kind of hotel it is. Instead of investing in bland or dull neutral colours which will least likely have an appeal to the public, one should invest in vibrant and beautiful hues.

On top of that, many hotels are deciding to turn from the boring visuals they had with colours that did not stand out, to pumping up the aesthetics with different types of bold, fashionable and fun colours, giving off a happy kind of tone. By adding all sorts of colours in the hotel’s design, one’s hotel would pique the public’s interest greatly.

Nevertheless, even though it is good to experiment with all sorts of colours, textures and patterns, one must carefully design it in a way so that it does not look too messy. What works is choosing patterns and tones that go well together. With that, everyone’s dream hotel is almost set in place.

Experiment with Advanced Furniture

In order to make a full statement, what can truly make customers go “Wow” is a feature piece of furniture. It will take the hotel’s design to another level, bringing class and sophistication to customers. Types of Furniture are important pieces in one’s hospitality design as not only do they impress the public with its style, yet it also must bring them comfort.

An example of good furniture is those that have never been seen before. One can invest in furniture that has advanced technology such as a sofa with recliners, cupholders and tables that have warmers. These kinds of furniture go well with decorations and bright colours as mentioned before.

Customers love fittings which provide services that cater to them in comparison to furniture that is boring, uncomfortable, and not advanced in any way. Sleek designs are also a great touch to this furniture, adding the professional touch in the hotel’s brand image.

Furniture Aesthetics and Space

Nowadays, more attention has been given to furniture which has thin legs and looks less bulky. This furniture allows the hotel to look more spacious and gives the customers a feeling that the hotel is very airy and bright, instead of looking too squeezy or compact.

Customers are more likely to leave a hotel faster in a hotel that looks and feels squeezy, in contrast to a hotel that makes people feel at home, comfy and spacious.

It also depends on the material of these fittings, which helps greatly to make space look bigger. Some types of material make furniture look bulky but if designed with certain materials such as wood and glass, the furniture would give off a less stuffy vibe.

It is essential to note that hospitality design goes a long way with identifying what your brand identity is, as well as implementing the trends that the public like. It is not an easy process, however, selecting the right interior designer to build up your hotel will eventually be worth it.

Hospitality Design is Our Specialty

Here at Materials Inc as a wholesale distributor, we provide all types of materials that are suited for the design of your hotel to ensure that customers would come swarming to stay there. Start by browsing our options today!

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