If you own a café, you would know that your customers are made up of a wide range of different people. This could include patrons who are there to get some work done, enjoy a cup of coffee, read or book, or catch up with an old friend. As such, the interior of your café needs to be an inviting and comforting one. It has to be able to be engaging to your customers so that you can increase the chances of them being loyal to your store. If you are looking for café design ideas, be it to improve your current space, or if you are a new business owner, this article will detail some of the best design tips today.


Importance of Lighting

Lighting is one of the most overlooked but highly important aspects of running a business. The fact is that some simple tweaks to the type of lighting can make the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied customer. Hence, this is a good opportunity to re-think the amount of energy you currently utilize in your café. One good idea would be to make full use of natural lighting in the day. This way, you can create a warmer atmosphere while saving money on your electricity bill. In the evening however, you can make use of lighting that is of warmer tones. Research has actually shown that customers prefer to be in cafes with lighting that is friendlier to the eyes because creates a more relaxing ambience.

Modern Café Style

The modern-style café décor is still a popular choice today. The idea behind this style is that every item and piece of furniture has to serve an intentional purpose. This helps to save space while providing value to the customers. What you might typically see in a modern-style café is sleek, clean lines and typically neutral colors. This is usually used in contrast with other accessories that are brighter in color to attract the eye and add texture to the space. The modern décor style is usually devoid of intricate details that might not go well with the practical designs. These days, there are countless different products that can help you achieve the style you are looking for.

Décor Accents

When choosing a design for your café, you need to bear in mind what kind of personality you are going for. As such, you will need to take into consideration the mission and values of your business. The colors and theme that you choose for your café might not always be effective in reflecting these things. However, you can display your company’s message by using the right décor accents.

  • Using Art: One good way to show your customers what your business is really about is by using strategic art pieces to represent your brand and speak of your values and mission. You can do this by displaying artwork that is commissioned by local artists, proving to your customer that you are an active member of the community. You can also use art to represent some ideas or movements that might be dear to you. An example would be any social causes that you might champion today.
  • Music: A café cannot truly be called a café if there is no music playing. Studies have shown that music is one of the best mood-changers in the world. Music adds to whole café experience because it is so effective in creating a certain atmosphere. You can also utilize music to emphasize on the message you are trying to bring across, based on the type of customers that you normally see.

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