Designing your new home is exciting especially since there are so many interior design styles to choose from – the possibilities are endless. You probably have come across popular styles such as Bohemian, French Country, or industrial, but here’s a unique décor that you should consider. Hygge décor (pronounced HUE-gah) is a Danish interior design style that is a paradigm of coziness and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. The main concept is to create a relaxing and warm space that is welcoming to all. Here are some ways you can achieve this sense of comfort in your home.

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Install Wood Paneling

Neutral tones and textures are what you are looking for in Hygge décor. This is why you should install wood paneling to instill a sense of warmness in your home. Danish interior design typically uses light and natural wood tones to create a minimalistic vibe. To end a more contemporary twist on the simplicity of wood paneling, consider choosing wood patterns that are simple yet stylish. Gentle curve lines is a great pattern to choose as they are easy on the eyes. To match your paneling with your flooring and create a sense of casual comfort that is classic in Hygge décor, install wood paneling and wood flooring that have neutral tones.

Spice Up Your Wall with a Beadboard

Although Hygge décor is about simple comforts, it does not mean that you can only use boring designs in your home. Although beadboard paneling is most commonly used in rustic farmhouse designs, it is also a versatile paneling that is suitable in many styles. In fact, beadboard is the perfect wall treatment that fits right into the Hygge concept. While patterned, it is not too flashy and gives just about enough style to spice up any room. For an installation in the kitchen, choose a beadboard that has glossy finish so that it is easy to wipe off the grease. For an installation in the bathroom, select a beadboard material that is moisture resistant, such as PVC.

Create Your Own Hygge Style

There is no one fixed way to implement Hygge décor in your home. As much as it is a design style, Hygge décor is also a mindset and lifestyle to live in comfort. Feel free to play around with different elements of home design according to our suggestions and personalize them according to your preferences. As long as you have designed your home to be comfortable, warm, and welcoming, you would be upholding the values behind the Hygge concept.

Are you looking for materials to create your very own Hygge décor style? Whether it is veneers, woods, floors, or mood boards, you can approach Materials Inc. to find the most suitable materials for your home. Contact us today to learn more about the most trending home design materials and whether they are suitable for the space you are designing.

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