Gymnasiums play an important role in both physical fitness and sports, and are a mainstay of both high schools and colleges around the country. From basketball to volleyball, weight lifting and other activities, it is important to choose flooring for gyms and sports facilities which is durable, safe and high in quality.


Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane is one of the toughest flooring materials that money can buy. It is seamless and designed in such a way where it can be used for multiple purposes since the material is shock absorbent as the result of cushioning which comes from the shock padding layer. Additionally, there are a multitude of surface colors to choose from which may be customized so that they match the school or university logo.

This material is also nonporous, which makes it simple to clean and hygienic, and unlike other flooring options it won’t require a great deal of maintenance. Any wear that does appear on the surface can be rapidly and easily restored.

Maple Hardwood

This is the material of choice for indoor basketball courts both in high schools and colleges. It comes in three grades, which are first, second and third. The first grade will display a uniform appearance, with very few visual defects. However, most gyms use second grade hardwood which has some knots and color variations. Third grade maple veneer is the most affordable but also the lowest in quality since it has many color differences and tends to display lots of plank knots.

However, all three grades are extremely durable and it is for this reason that they are also used in bowling alleys. They are built last so coaches and their teams can focus on winning games without having to worry about floor dents or uneven surfaces. When transparent finish is applied to maple, the flooring is pleasing to the eyes, but it must be refinished and sanded every decade or so and recoating should be done once a year.

Recycled Rubber

This material is popular especially among those who are environmentally conscious. It has a number of characteristics which make it well suited to gym flooring, which include its durability and water resistance. It will inhibit the growth of mildew and mold and feels comfortable to walk on whether one is wearing shoes or not.

The rubber used in gym flooring is recycled from automobile tires, which is extremely eco-friendly since it minimizes the presence of tires in landfills. Based on its thickness, the rubber can withstand an incredible amount of weight and is simple to install. Its only weakness is that it is not well suited to college level or professional sports.


Vinyl flooring is affordable and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. It can be customized to display the school or university’s mascot and can be designed in such a way where it mimics hardwood flooring and is almost indistinguishable. It is ideal for gyms since it is shock absorbent and athletes will feel comfortable playing on it.

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