We all know that interior design is a crucial aspect for all businesses, but this is doubly so in the hospitality industry. With guests spending the most time in your hotel over any other retail space, it is no surprise that they are much harder to please! After a long flight or day out sightseeing, the only thing your guests want is to feel “at home” and comfortable in your hotel, and the one way you can achieve that is through a suitable hospitality design. In this article, we share some of our top tips and suggestions for hotels looking to redecorate.

hospitality design important for business

Cater to Your Guests’ Wants and Needs

Every hotel has its unique target demographic – whether it is for the budget solo traveler, honeymooners, families or those looking for something more luxurious. Keeping your target demographic in mind, design your rooms to fit their needs. For instance, a family suite should ideally contain a double bed and two singles with the option to add on more if needed, and a luxury hotel should come with a bath instead of a shower. Knowing your guests’ needs and wants can go a long way in leaving a good impression and can even lead to customer loyalty! If they are finding what they want in your hotel, there’s no need to look around for another the next time they return.

Select a Look and Stick to It

Are you going for a classic or more modern look? Whichever it is, select one and stick to it. You do not want different elements of your design to clash, giving your guests the impression that your design has not been well-thought out or is unprofessional. The thing about being in the hospitality industry is that you will get all kinds of guests with different preferences – hence when in doubt, go for a look that is likely to please most people.

Give Your Hotel A Personality

Although looking professional is important, doing so at the expense of your hotel’s “personality” can be a grave mistake. Hotels are not offices – people do not want to see the same dull color throughout or nothing that shows a little personality. If your hotel has a Renaissance theme going on, showcase that with period pieces. Or if your hotel has a long history, displaying furniture that dates back or something like a table with guests’ signatures engraved on it can be an option. This gives your hotel character instead of merely being somewhere to spend the night, increasing your brand awareness and possibly even sparking interesting conversations with your guests!

When taking into account the unique look you want for your hotel, the color and material of your indoor surfaces can make a huge difference. Whether you already have a specific look in mind would like some suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Materials Inc. We have had great success handling numerous corporate and residential interior design projects and no project is too big or small for us.

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