With offices transitioning from stark, minimalist rooms to warm places to enhance worker productivity, it has become a recent development to ensure an accurate selection of fixtures and fittings in offices. Among such items to be carefully selected are decorative wall panels that have recently become popular due to their ability to bring character to any room.


Although decorative wall panels have existed for hundreds of years, they have recently gathered more steam due to the possibility of easily picking from a wide variety of designs. If you want to choose the best decorative wall panels for office design, explore the factors you need to consider in this article.

The Right Fit for the Office Style

An essential factor to consider before moving to any other factor is the design scheme of your office. It’s vital that you maintain a consistent brand tone since customers and clients can easily see any inconsistency in your design scheme, and they will judge your brand for it.

Therefore, if your office’s design scheme is traditional, ensure that you stick to a traditional decorative wall panel. If your furniture is modern, be sure to pick modern-styled wall panels. Your office furniture’s perfect match or mismatching can influence clients’ decisions, so ensure you do it right.

The Flammability of the Material

Due to the possibility of fire incidents, people generally prepare for fire outbreaks and plan how to lose as little as possible. One such way of preparing for a possible fire outbreak is to get non-flammable materials for fixtures and fittings to stop a spreading fire.

If you are trying to pick a decorative wall panel and are conscious about protecting your office and its contents in a fire outbreak, you should look for one with an NF (non-flammable) indicator. The indicator is the confirmation of a laboratory that the material passed a fire test.

The Reputation of the Seller

With every buyer seeking to buy from reputable sellers because of the product’s quality, the seller’s reputation has become essential. When looking for a decorative wall panel, make sure you are diligent with your search for a reputable seller.

Getting a reputable seller can be the difference between an excellent wall panel and a terrible one. A reputable seller will have their image to protect; thus, they will ensure they satisfy you. They will offer good customer service, consultation, and tips on managing your wall panels.

The Durability of the Material

You should consider the durability of decorative wall panels before selecting them. Doing this will ensure that you don’t have to regularly buy new ones after the previous ones get damaged.  Therefore, you should look for wall panels that increase the number of enforcing ribs in the wall panels when casting them.

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